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Drug Rehab Arkansas

Substance abuse affects so many Arkansas residents, and the need for effective treatment in the region has never been greater. Alcohol abuse is a primary cause for concern life most other regions of the country, and treatment admissions for alcohol reflect this with a significant increase over the past decade. Consequences of this problem in particular are evident in the alcohol-related crash fatalities in Arkansas, which are significantly higher than the national average. Marijuana, methamphetamine and prescription drugs in particular are also abused at very high rates in Arkansas. Marijuana specifically, which is known to be a gateway drug, is a drug of choice among Arkansas youth who report about a 16% use rate within the past month. This number only goes up as Arkansans age, with about one in four young adults also reporting past month marijuana use.

Prescription drug abuse is not only a very common problem among Arkansas residents, but it has become a very prevalent problem nationwide and one which has truly become an epidemic. Arkansas residents in particular prefer prescription opioids and sedatives as their prescription drugs of choice to abuse non-medically, which mirrors the drug preference nationally. Methamphetamine use is and has been a problem in Arkansas, the devastation of which can be seen particularly in the poorer and more desolate regions of the state and treatment admissions also reflect this problem which has shown a significant increase in recent years.

The only way to effectively address the substance abuse problem in Arkansas is to raise awareness about all types of substance abuse among youth and adults, make early intervention possible, and provide effective drug treatment when individuals need help putting an end to the viscous cycle of substance abuse. Early intervention is particularly crucial for youth, who as mentioned above are experimenting with marijuana at very high rates which leaves them vulnerable to other more hardcore drug experimentation. Parents must remain vigilant about any changes in their child's behavior and activities, so that they can intervene and get them in the appropriate support groups or even a youth rehab if this is necessary, which are readily available and accepting admission in Arkansas and even surrounding states.

The specific drug problems that Arkansans face can be particularly insidious, because of the nature of the drugs they primarily abuse. For example, alcohol abuse is so socially acceptable, that such a problem can go completely unnoticed or individuals will just remain in denial about the problem which can prevent them from getting help. Prescription drug abuse presents very similar obstacles, because this too has become socially acceptable and many individuals who abuse prescription drugs explain it away by having an actual prescription, albeit one they have only obtained so they can abuse their drug of choice. Meth abuse can also be a particularly difficult problem to treat, because dependence develops so quickly which can be more psychological than physical in nature, and individuals have a very difficult time even considering giving up their habit because of it.

So the first thing that anyone struggling with a substance abuse problem in Arkansas must realize is that there is no safe and acceptable level of substance abuse, and the problem is only likely going to get worse if they don't stop it on their own or seek help for their problem if it progresses. What loved ones and friends must realize, is that someone who is involved in substance abuse often needs someone to intervene on their behalf to get them help. This isn't because they are a bad person, it is simply because the drugs they are abusing literally affect every decision they make, and you are not dealing with the person but the drug. So don't expect someone in Arkansas who is abusing drugs to have a light bulb moment and check themselves into rehab, as this is very rare indeed. It often takes the love and concern of someone in their lives who can see what substance abuse is doing to them, and finding them a quality drug rehab program in Arkansas that can help them put an end to it so they can get their quality of life back.

Loved ones of individuals who are caught up in substance abuse should not be surprised if help offered isn't readily accepted, because this too is the drugs talking, not the person. But getting help can often seem overwhelming and putting an end to one's habit unrealistic, mostly because the individual would have to be accountable and accept responsibility. This can be downright terrifying for someone who has likely depended on their drug of choice for quite some time, and hurt many people they love in the process. If there is such an obstacle to getting someone into treatment in Arkansas, a drug intervention may be necessary and is a tool which can help even the toughest cases to crack get into an effective drug rehab program in the state. So consult with a professional treatment counselor in your area if this is the case, to help get someone you care about into treatment through an intervention.

The most crucial part of the decision making process when choosing an effective drug rehab program in Arkansas is whether or not the program being considered is most suitable for that particular client based off of their substance abuse history. Not all drug rehab programs in Arkansas provide the appropriate treatment environment or treatment plan which is comprehensive enough to cover all bases, ensuring the individual will be able to live a permanently drug free life. Outpatient and short-term programs in Arkansas are the least ideal, because they don't offer the commensurate level of treatment that deeply dependent and addicted individuals really need to be able to fully recovery. Inpatient and residential drug rehab programs in Arkansas which require at least a 3 month stay are going to provide the appropriate treatment environment and length of treatment for individuals to be able to sustain their gains in rehab and long after they leave.


Arkansas Drug Statistics

1. The rate and availability of drug abuse in Arkansas remains high coinciding with the smuggling of Meth, Marijuana and Cocaine.

2. In 2006 and 2007, a report from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) showed that 1 in 4 young adults between the age of eighteen and twenty-five, reported using Marijuana at least once in the past year, in Arkansas.

3. Reports from NSDUH show that Cocaine the most used by people in the ages of 18 to 25, in the state of Arkansas.

4. In 2009, 10. 6 percent of all Arkansas treatment cases were for meth abuse.

5. There were 326 deaths in Arkansas in 2007, caused from drug abuse.

6. In 2008, 93 adolescent in Arkansas between the ages, 12 to 19 were treated for substance abuse related to tranquilizers, and sedative misuse.

Drug Facts
  • It is estimated that about one-half to two-thirds of boating accidents are alcohol-related.
  • Initiation into experimental marijuana use during childhood is often brought on by poor relations with parents, depression symptoms, exposure to drug-using peers and accessibility of drugs.
  • Individuals who have used Oxycontin as prescribed may not even realize that they are experiencing withdrawal when they stop using the drug, and many report thinking that they just have the flu.
  • Many drug rehab programs across the United States have already begun to treat patients for bath salts addiction, and many individuals that are being treated have spoken of the terrible reactions they had to using them.